What Does HODL Mean? A Crypto Holiday Explainer

Can you remember the first time you heard the term HODL?

Whether you picked it up on Telegram or Twitter, few terms are more closely associated with the crypto community than this famous misspelling. But what does HODL mean and where does it come from?

We answer all this and more on HODL Day, which takes place every Dec. 18 to commemorate the official anniversary of the date this term was first coined.

Today, HODL has two popular definitions:

A misspelling of the word hold, used in reference to holding cryptocurrencies. An acronym for “hold on for dear life”, also used in reference to holding cryptocurrencies.

HODL first appeared on the bitcointalk forums in 2013, when user GameKyuubi created a thread titled “I AM HODLING”. In the thread, GameKyuubi lamented their poor trading skills before vowing to keep holding while ignoring market movements.

The term quickly turned into a meme within the crypto community. HODL first appeared as a Google Search trend one month later, in January 2014. Since then, GameKyuubi’s post has been viewed 794,000 times (and counting). As the crypto community grows, HODL has continued to confuse and delight newcomers. Take a look at the Google Search data: times when search volumes for HODL peak appear to coincide with historic bull runs.

Google Search Trends for “HODL”

There’s no official way to pronounce HODL. Some pronounce it the same as the word “hold”, while some claim it rhymes with the word “bottle”. Others prefer to call it a combination of the two — “hol-ddle”, if you will. No matter how you choose to pronounce it, the team at Binance.US wishes you a Happy HODL Day.

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